Georgia Power Rate Case this morning at PSC: no Hike, Solar instead 2019-11-25

Maybe you’d like to help stop Georgia Power’s connection rate hike. Hearings started 9AM this morning, all day today and tomorrow, Docket 42516 Georgia Power Company’s 2019 Rate Case (11/26/19).

There is a video livestream by GA-PSC.


You can still send testimony, to GA-PSC Executive Secretary, Reece McAlister, Be sure to say up front it’s about Docket 42516 Georgia Power Company’s 2019 Rate Case (11/26/19).

[Docket 42516]
Docket 42516

You may find some ideas in what we sent: Please deny Georgia Power rate, signal get on with renewable energy –WWALS to GA-PSC 2019-11-05.

See also below the cast expected at these hearings. You can also go attend. This morning they taking testimony from members of the audience, so they probably will tomorrow.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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425Docket No. 42516

IN RE: Georgia Power Company’s 2019 Rate Case

(November 25 – 26, 2019)


Parties of Record

Appearances Represented By

Georgia Public Service Commission Jeffrey Stair, Esq.

Preston Thomas, Esq.

Dan Walsh, Esq.

Georgia Power Company Kevin C. Greene, Esq.

Brandon Marzo, Esq.

Steven J. Hewitson, Esq.

Allison W. Pryor, Esq.

City of Atlanta Nina R. Hickson, Esq. Newton M. Galloway, Esq.

Commercial Group Alan R. Jenkins, Esq.

Concerned Ratepayers of Georgia Steven C. Prenovitz

Ben J. Stockton

Georgia Association of Charles B. Jones, III, Esq.


Georgia Industrial Group Randall D. Quintrell, Esq.

Jeffry Pollock

Georgia Interfaith Power & Light, Kurt Ebersbach, Esq.

Southface Energy Institute and Stacy Shelton, Esq.

Vote Solar Jillian Kysor, Esq.

Georgia Solar Energy Industries Newton M. Galloway, Esq.

Association, Inc. and Georgia Terri M. Lyndall, Esq.

Solar Energy Association, Inc.

Georgia Restaurant Association Perry J. McGuire

Vickie C. Rusek

Georgia Watch Liz Coyle

Berneta L. Haynes, Esq.

Kroger Company Kurt J. Boehm, Esq.

Jody Kyler Cohn, Esq.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Robert B. Baker, Esq.

Authority Elizabeth M. O’Neill

Resource Supply Management Mr. Jim Clarkson

Sierra Club Robert Jackson, Esq

Zachary M. Fabish, Esq.

Dorothy Jaffe, Esq.

United State Department of Emily W. Medlyn, Esq.

Defense and all other Federal

Executive Agencies

Witness List

Rebuttal Testimony

Georgia Power Company David P. Poroch

Panel Sarah P. Adams

Larry T. Legg

Panel Lawrence J. Vogt

James H. VanderWeide, Ph.D.

Steven M Fetter

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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